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Secretary of Development and Innovation

Secretary: Johnny Roberty Bibe de Souza Oliveira
Address: A. Tiradentes, 520 – Jardim das Nações
Phone: (12) 3625-5133 / 3625-5044
Customer Service: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
E-mail: pmt.desenvolvimento@taubate.sp.gov.br

The Secretariat for Development and Innovation is responsible for implementing politicals that stimulate economic and technological development in industry, commerce, services and agriculture in the municipality.The work developed is aimed at the sustainable economic growth of the municipality, which represents more employment and better purchase conditions for the population and, consequently, an increase in tax collection, which generates more investments and improvements in the quality of life of the taubateano citizens. It is formed by departments and areas responsible for the development of projects for the municipality.The Secretariat for Development and Innovation is composed of the Department of Economic Development, that comprising:

  • Industrial Executive Group;
  • Agricultural Executive Group;
  • Executive Group on Trade and Services Activities.


Department of Economic Development – The Department of Economic Development is responsible for creating and developing plans and programs for the economic grow of the municipality.

Industrial Executive Group – The Industrial Executive Group is responsible for promoting studies on the local conditions for the installation of industries, for implementing measures related to tax incentives, as well as coordinating, monitoring and orienting activities and undertakings aimed at industrial increase.

Agricultural Executive Group – It is incumbent to stimulate rural economic development, especially through the promotion of agricultural production, incentives to the agroindustry to cooperativism and associativism, and programs of technical assistance, rural extension and agricultural zoning.

Executive Group on Trade and Services Activities – The Executive Group for Commerce and Services is responsible for planning, organizing, executing and controlling activities aimed at fostering the commercial development of the municipality, as well as providing service activities.

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